May You Prosper and Be In Good Health — 3 John 2

Jesus’ Authority, Our Healing

May You Prosper and Be In Good Health

Thar be times when we know not what ter pray fer those we love, especially folks who be getting up in years. Saul Paul offers this good word as an example of how we can bring them we love ter the feet of Jesus.

I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in good health, even as your soul is getting along well.  (3 John 2)

Name aloud fellers and lasses who need a wee bit of health prosperity, wealth prosperity, relationship prosperity. If we kin wish it, we kin pray it. If we kin pray it with sincere faith, we kin be sure Skipper hears. And if Skip hears, he may very well move on our behalf.

Our praying with expectancy be an act of faith, a witness ter our spirit that we believe the Son remains in the healing business. Be ya a feller or lass of little faith? Take a risk. Ask Skipper ter heal them ya love.

“Above all …” be Saul Paul’s heart. If that also be yer heart’s desire fer them ya love , take ’em ter Skip and his Son who be above all things. Then watch with expectancy as they act in a mighty way on yer behalf.