Fellers Be Considerate of Yer Wife

Finding Jesus — Peter 3:1-7

Fellers Be Considerate of Yer Wife

Wives, in the same way, the Son suffered fer all, in the same way he committed no sin, in the same way no deceit whar found in his mouth, in the same way the Son ne’er lashed out nor made threats and accusations but instead left his fate in the hands of Skipper who judges justly—submit ter yer mates.

Fer when ye do this, if he be not won over by words, he might be won over ter the Son by yer purity, reverence, and godly behavior.

Yer beauty should be from the unfading glory of a gentle spirit, not one that quarrels — from a quiet spirit, not one that boasts and demands attention.

Such a spirit be of great worth in Skipper’s sight. If ye wish ter make yerself lovely, put yer hope in Skipper. This be how the holy women of old made themselves attractive ter thar mates and ter thar neighbors. They whar submissive. Do what be right. Do not give way to fear. Trust in Skipper and give yer mate over ter him. Skipper and the Son know a heap more ’bout how ter corral and correct a feller fer ever chap be made in the image of Skipper. 

Husbands, be considerate of yer wives and treat ’em with respect. Skipper shouldn’t have ter tell ye this, but I reckon it be an issue fer some, else Old Pete need not bring it up.

Treat yer mate with the same respect ye give ter Skipper and more on account of she doth hath ter put up with ye all the live long day. Yer wife be an heir ter Skipper’s kingdom, same as ye. She also be yer life partner and a gift from Skipper.

Tolerating a wrong attitude toward yer wife causes ye ter follow the spirit of the devil. She be the mum of yer youngins, and those tots be watching how ye treat thar mother, yer may lay ter that. For thar sake and yers, doth not do nary a thing ter hinder yer prayers.

All must appear befer the judgment seat of the Son. If ye not be treating yer wife with respect, tenderness, grace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and above all, love, it be a sign of disrespect to her and Skipper.

Of this ye kin be sure: ye doth not want the Son to be casting a disparaging look yer direction on account of how ye treated the misses. Shape up, fellers. She be yer help mate, not yer hate mate. Love her like yer soul depends on it, fer if ye neglect this gift from Skipper, ye be no better than a scallawag headed fer the gallows.

Electing and Choosing Be Like a Couple Falling in Love

Finding Jesus

Electing and Choosing Be Like a Couple Falling in Love

For the sake of the elect those [last days] days will be shortened. False messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.- Matthew 24:22, 24

“The elect. . . “ that be you. Not that ya ‘ave been elected but that ya ‘ave elected Skipper as yer captain.

A great many fellers trip up over what tha Son means when he says “tha elect” and have tha opinion Skipper be picking and choosing who be in his crew. But it not be Skipper’s character ter pick some and not others. Skipper wants all folks ter be rescued from thar sinful life and to come ter a knowledge of tha truth. (1 Timothy 2:4)

Aboard a pirate ship a crew ‘ill “elect” a captain. They ‘ill “choose” who ‘ill command tha ship. Tha crew places thar trust in that mate with tha confidence that he or she ‘ill keep him safe and bring ‘em safely ter port: hopefully what tha hold stuffed with prized cargo.

Same goes fer Skipper and those who be saved through his Son. Folks choose and Skip chooses. These be tha “elect” of Skipper.

Tha Greek word fer “elect” be “eklektos” “ἐκλεκτός, ή, όν”. When writing ter tha church in Ephesus tha Apostle Paul wrote that Skipper “chose us.” Tha Greek word fer “chose us” be “ἐξελέξατο ἡμᾶς” (Ephesians 1:4)

(We) elect: “ἐκλεκτός, ή, όν”

He chose: “ἐξελέξατο ἡμᾶς”

Near ’bout tha same phrase but not exactly.

Tha electing and choosing be like a couple falling in love. Who picks who first? Doth ya say in yer heart “she be tha one” before she says in her heart “he be tha one?” Are ya together when this revelation comes ter both of ya? Or doth it happen in secret, whilst ya two be off ter yer self alone? Ter be sure, sometimes a couple ‘ill know at first sight. Most times, though, thar be tha courting stage whar ya be getting ter know each other. Then in her heart she ‘ill elect ter be with him. He, in his heart, ‘ill choose her.

Be not getting in ter squabbles ‘bout who Skipper elects and chooses. Such talk be divisive and diverts folks from tha main point. In his heart Skipper ‘as already picked ya. He loves ya. Loves all folks. Only because he be Skipper and sees what lies over tha horizon, he already knows who ‘ill elect ter love him.

Now as ter tha warning from tha Son, his point be this: Even them who elect ter love Skipper ‘ill be tempted ter follow lying spirits and turn away from tha Truth. They ‘ill not betray tha love of Skipper, but tha deception in them days ‘ill be great.

Near ‘bout all relationships ‘ave such trials. Heads turn, eyes look, minds think on what could be . . . but while others run off ter serve tha devil and tha little gods he erects, tha elect ‘ill stick with Skipper.

If ya ‘ave fallen in love with Skipper and elected ter spend all eternity with him, then ya ‘ave no need ter worry. He ‘ill ne’er cast yer aside. All who be Skipper’s and in tha Son ‘ill never be lost, of this ya kin be sure. (John 6:39).