If We Want All Tha Country Ter Go Ter Tha Sun Let Us Be About Tha Business of Doing Tha First Things First

Daily Scripture Devotional

If we want all tha country ter go ter tha Sun let us be about tha business of doing tha first things first

All the country of Judea was going out to him, and all the people of Jerusalem. – Mark 1:5 (Mark 1:1-8)

John Mark appears ter have spent a good amount of time listening ter tah preaching of Peter and taking notes. For a time John Mark ministered with Paul and Barnabas, but then tha lad got a bad case of homesickness and jumped ship.
Though later Paul refused ter take John Mark back, at tha end of his life Paul pleads fer John Mark ter come quickly and bring Paul’s cloak, parchments (perhaps so Paul could pen more letters), and scrolls (so as ter read more of Skipper’s words.) It might be said of John Mark that he witnessed ter two of Skip’s greatest preachers: Peter and Paul.
When we read Mark it be as if, through tha Holy Spirit of Truth, we be transported back ter tha first century and enjoy a front row seat of Old Pete’s preaching.
After reading short passages of Mark, close yer eyes. Feel tah dust on tha tops of yer feet, tha caked mud ‘tween ter toes. Taste tha salt of sweat in yer mouth whilst tha sun bakes down on ya. Hear tha murmuring of others whilst Peter’s words echo off buildings. Inhale tha odor of sheep and cattle being led ter stalls near tha perimeter of Jerusalem. If this whar yer first time hearing, how would ya respond ter Peter’s words?
This be our challenge: ter hear afresh tha living words of Skipper spoken ter the crowds through Old Pete.

Tha beginning of tha gospel of tha Sun starts like this: “Behold, I send my messenger ahead of you — before your face — who will prepare the way.

John, tha cousin of tha Sun, preached a baptism of repentance. Doth we?
John, tha one who baptized folks in tha River Jordon, preached fergiveness of sins. Doth we?
All tha country went out ter John. All tha people of Jerusalem went ter him. Doth we draw a crowd when we speak and write?

Doth our preaching attract lubbers and sailors alike?
Doth our preaching convict all ter confess thar sins?
Doth our preaching compel all ter be baptized with water and tha Holy Spirit of God?

If we want all tha country ter go ter tha Sun let us be about tha business of doing tha first things first. Begin at tha beginning of the gospel of tha Sun. Begin with repentance, fergiveness of sins, and baptism in water and tha Holy Spirit of Truth.

Start at the start and ya ‘ill come closer ter hitting tha mark.

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