Keep Yer Tongue From Spouting Evil Words

Finding Jesus — 1 Peter 3:10-12

If ye love life. . . if ye would love ter see good days. . . then keep yer tongue from spouting evil words. Keep yer lips from spouting lies and half-truths.

Turn from evil. Turn ter good.

Seek peace, pursue it like a precious prize ye mean ter have.

Tha eyes of Skipper be on tha righteous.

Tha ears of Skipper be listening intently ter tha prayers of tha righteous.

Tha face of tha Son be against them who commit evil.

Seek only and always ter please Skipper. Our worth ter Skip in public be a reflection of how we carry our self in private. Do right in private and ye ‘ill do right in public. Both be a glorious thing ter Skipper.