Lord, please heal . . .

Ah Prayer for Healing From One of Skip's Crew (Isaiah 53:3-4) & (Matthew 8:15-16)

Ah Prayer for Healing From One of Skip's Crew (Isaiah 53:3-4) & (Matthew 8:15-16)

Lord you took up our infirmities (Isaiah 53:4)

You carry our sorrows (Isaiah 53:4)

You take upon yourself our pain (Isaiah 53:4).

By your wounds we are healed (Isaiah 53:5).

You are familiar with our suffering (Isaiah 53:3).

You are our Lord who knows sorrows (Isaiah 53:4).

You are afflicted because of us (Isaiah 53:7).

Because you take on our sickness, illness, the diseases that ravage our bodies . . . Because you know our sorrows and grieve with us, we make this prayer.

Lord, by your touch fever leaves (Matthew 8:15). Please touch ______________. Please take away their fever.

Lord, with a word you drive out unclean spirits (Matthew 8:16). Please say the word to the demonic spirits tormenting ______________. By your command cast out all demons, filth, and uncleanliness in ______________.

Lord, with a word all who are sick are healed (Matthew 8:16). By your word please heal ______________.

Lord, you have said, “I am willing” to make us clean, to be healed, to be made whole and cured of all sin and disease (Matthew 8:3). Please, “will” you clean, heal, make whole, make righteous, holy, and pure ______________? I am begging you to glorify your father, the great “I Am,” by healing ______________ of all sin and sickness.

Lord, please act in spite of my small faith. Transform my unbelief into great belief. Glorify yourself. Glorify your father. I make this prayer in your name and power, the Christ who saves and heals.