Ne’er Start a Great Task or Journey Without First Checking With Skip (Acts 9:1-7)

"I will tell you all that you must do." - Jesus

Ne'er Start a Great Task or Journey Without First Checking With Skip

“Saul was still breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples.” – Acts 9:1 (Acts 9:1-7)

After tha Son come out of tha grave, Saul Paul continued ter breathe murderous threats agin tha Son’s disciples. He went about dragging folks from thar homes, taking ’em prisoner, ‘aving ’em tossed in jail and beaten. All ’cause they be followers of tha Way, which be what some called tha Son’s group.

Now fer we go judging Saul Paul, think on this a wee little bit:

Saul Paul be thoroughly trained in Skipper’s Code of Conduct. Kin ya say tha same? Doth ya know Skip’s words ferward and backwards?

He be zealous fer Skip. Kin tha same be said of ya? Doth ya love Skip with all yer heart, mind, body, adn soul?

He persecuted tha followers of tha Way ’cause he feared they be speaking blasphemous lies ’bout Skip and his words. Kin tha same be said of ya? Doth ya get riled up when ya hear others mocking Skip and his Son?

We know not what his motive whar. Maybe he coveted tha relationship tha disciples had with tha Son, Skip, and them who be part of tha Way (Romans 7:7). Could be he whar filled with jealousy ’cause tha Way be gathering followers while tha Ruling Council be losing influence (Acts 5:17).Perhaps he feared losing his power and prestige if tha Spirit of tha Son took holt of folks. Or maybe he truly believed he whar doing what Skip commanded him ter do. In all cases, and especially when we be absolutely sure we be doing Skip’s will, we need ter pause, pray, and beg Skip ter show us if our actions be off kilter.

Not willing fer tha Son’s followers ter escape his wrath, Saul Paul went ter tha High Priest, Caiaphas, and asked fer letters ter tha synagogues in Damascus so that any he found thar who belonged ter tha Way, could be hauled back ter Jerusalem and punished.

Only around noon, as he neared tha town, a bright light blasted from heaven, knocking Saul Paul ter tha ground. A voice called, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? Get up! Go into the city. There I will tell you all that you must do.”

Saul Paul’s mates saw tha light and stood speechless. They heard tha Son speaking but did not see anyone. This be tha way it is fer some of us. We hear Skipper’s Holy Ghost of Truth whispering, giving us guidance and directions, but others claim we only be hearing voices: that we be loopy in tha head.

Up ’till tha moment when tha Son’s light knocked him ter tha ground, Saul Paul be sure he whar sailing tha right rhumb line. Only he whar not. He whar way off course. So fer off course, in fact, that tha Son had ter come off his throne and knock some sense in ter ’em.

Ne’er start a great task or journey without first checking with Skip. This whar Saul Paul’s first big error. It be tha process of prayer and patience, of waiting on Skip’s will, that be our task, not some goal we set. Make preparing ter be holy and obedient ter Skip yer goal, not some outcome. If we ‘ill turn our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our souls over ter Skip, he ‘ill guide our steps. Prepare and receive yer tasks.

Pray with humility and ask tha Holy Ghost of Truth ter make ya pure through and through. Blessed be the pure in heart, for they ‘ill see Skipper and his Son, of this ya kin be sure.