Sailing from Malta to Rome (Acts 28:11-16)

Three Months, Three Days, Three Taverns

Paul thanked God and was encouraged.  Acts 28:15

Paul thanked God and was encouraged.  Acts 28:15 (Acts 28:11-16)

After three months on tha island of Malta, Saul Paul and tha crew put out ter sea on ah ship from Alexandria. On tha bow of this vessel be tha figure-heads of tha twin gods Castor and Pollux. Think on this a wee little bit: Castor and Pollux whar believed ter be both both mortal and divine. Tha Son of Skipper be both mortal, ah man, and divine, tha Son of Skipper. So right off tha counterfeit of tha Messiah, tha antichrist, be tha very gods leading tha crew.

Now ya might think that after losing thar ship, cargo, and near ’bout thar lives, tha crew would ‘ave learned thar lesson and denounced such false gods. But when ya follow tha dark hearts of tha Devil and tha false security found in his lies, gaining a bit of discernment be ah rare thing. Folks do tha same ter day. When they get in ter a fix, they call on Skip ter bail ’em out. Once he does and things be square and ship shape, they go right back ter thar wicked way of thinking. 

With tha tiny god-sons of Zeus as thar guardians, and Saul Paul praying, tha crew sailed first ter Syracuse. Thar they remained three days. From thar they sailed ter Rhegium, then on ter Puteoli whar some brothers met Saul Paul and his mates. At tha sight of friendly faces, Saul Paul made it his task ter spend ah week with ’em.

When some brothers from Rome learned that Saul Paul be near, they trekked down tha coast ter tha Forum of Appius and Three Taverns ter meet up. At tha sight of these brothers from Rome, and knowing his long voyage be near ’bout complete, Saul Paul thanked God and whar encouraged and fer good reason.

Fer ah good long while Saul Paul wanted ter reach Rome. At every stop he had preached ter all who would listen how Skipper sent his Son ter save all folks. Ah good many refused ter head this good spiel, but them who did received back thar life. They gained entrance in ter tha Kingdom of Skipper. In all ways at all times Saul Paul ne’er wavered from his goal of making his case that tah Son be tha Messiah. Now, at last, Saul Paul be in tha very city whar tha most powerful man on earth lived. If Skip allowed, Saul Paul would present tha good spiel ter Caesar.

When he reached Rome, Saul Paul whar allowed ter live by himself with only a soldier ter guard him. Safe at last, he rested. He wrote letters of encouragement ter tha churches he helped form. He wrote words of admonishment ter tha churches. He wrote ter tha leaders of tha churches with instructions fer how ter shepherd tha flock. He also prepared ter make his case ter Caesar that tha Son, who being in his very nature Skipper himself, died on a Roman cross so that Caesar could be saved from his sins.

Ah long time ago a feller by tha name of Jabez prayed: “Oh, Lord, bless me indeed. Enlarge my territory. May your hand be with me. May you keep me from evil. May I not cause pain.” And Skipper granted Jabez his request. 

May this be our prayer as well, that Skipper would bless us indeed. That he would enlarge our territory fer him. That his hand would be upon us. That his Holy Ghost of Truth would keep us from evil. That our words and deeds might not cause pain ter others. This was Saul Paul’s goal from tha get go. Though his voyage ter Rome be one filled with perils and persecution, he reached his destination. 

Make it yer task to stick ter tha course Skip plots fer ya. By doing so, ya may jest find them ya love most be saved cause of yer persistence.