Tha Rest of tha Sick on tha Island Came and Whar Cured (Acts 28:7-10)

When Disaster Seemed Likely, Expect Deliverance

Tha Rest of tha Sick on tha Island Came and Whar Cured

When this had happened, the rest of the sick on the island came and were cured. Acts 28:9  (Acts 28:7-10)

On tha island whar tha crew regrouped from thar disastrous voyage, thar whar an estate nearby that belonged to Publius, tha chief official of tha island.

He welcomed Saul Paul, Luke, and some others in ter his home and showed ’em generous hospitality fer three days. As ya well know, fish and visitors stink after three days, so when ya get an invite ter rest in ah feller’s home, make it yer task ter be on yer way by tha forth day.

Now it may be that hospitality whar not tha only reason Publius wanted Saul Paul ter visit. Seems Publius’ pop lay sick in bed, suffering from fever and a bad case of tha trots. Paul went in ter check and after praying over tha sickly feller, laid on hands. At that moment, through his mighty power, tha Son healed Pop Publius.

When this happened, tha rest of tha sick on tha island came and whar cured.

We doth not know how this healing took place. Whar all cured at tha same time Pop Publius whar healed? Did Saul Paul lay on hands and pray over each one? Did he simply spake a word and all whar healed?

All we know is this: when it came time ter sail, Publius and others on tha island furnished ’em with all tha supplies they needed. Such be tha gratitude the islanders felt fer Skip’s presence and power.

When ya consider tha danger tha crew faced when tha ship left Fair Havens . . . when ya consider tha 276 souls in peril of going down ter Davy Jones . . . when ya consider tha number of folks on that island who whar healed . . . and when ya consider Saul Paul’s faith in Skip and his Son, we kin conclude that in all ways and at all times Skipper whar at tha helm of that vessel. Though disaster seemed likely, deliverance came due ter Saul Paul’s faith in Skipper’s providential protection and mercy

When facing impossible odds and in desperate need fer an improbable outcome, place tha voyage in tha hands of Skipper. Let him guide ya. Listen ter his voice. Follow his nudging. Obey his commands. Might very well be that 276 and more ‘ill be saved and healed —and possibly ah great many more saved through tha Son’s glorious death and resurrection.