Tha Holy Ghost of Truth Said Ter ’em . . . (Acts 13:1-3)

Where Skip Leads, He Seeds With Supplies Be Fer Ya Set Out

Tha Holy Ghost of Truth Said Ter Them . . .

The Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” – Acts 13:2 (Acts 13:1-3)

One day in tha church at Antioch Barnabas, Saul Paul, Simeon called “Niger,” Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, who be brought up with Herod tha Tetrarch, whar worshipping tha Son and fasting. Among tha group thar whar prophets. Thar whar also teachers. Now as ya well know a prophet preaches, exhorts, encourages, explains, and sometimes foretells things that ‘ill happen in tha future. Right in tha middle of them praying tha Holy Ghost of Truth said ter ’em, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to whichI have called them.”

Now ya might think it odd ter hear tha Holy Ghost of Truth speak. Most likely ter day we think that he speaks through small whispers ter our soul, through Skipper’s words while we read and meditate on e’m, through songs of praise while we be singing ter our Lord. And he doth speak ter us in these ways most times, but at other times tha Holy Ghost of Truth speaks through tha voice of others.

Now ah good many times when tha Spirit speaks through others, they doth not know it be tha Spirit talking through ’em. In fact, one way ter know if tha Holy Ghost of Truth spake through ya is ter ferget ya ever said a thing. If a feller comes up ter ya later and says, “That day when you said such and so, I knew right then tha Lord was speaking ter me.” If ya go, “Huh? I don’ recall ever saying that.” That be evidence that tha Holy Ghost of Truth be speaking through ya. Reason being, when tha Spirit speaks only Skipper and his Son get that glory.

Ya kin always tell when Skipper’s Spirit be speaking ’cause what be spake comes ter pass. If it don’ come ter pass, it be a lying spirit. Skip’s Spirit most always speaks words of love, even whilst rebuking folks.  Skip’s Spirit speaks words of instruction, correction, encouragement, and makes things clear fer folks.

If our words mislead, prove untrue, discourage, sow seeds of doubt, and confuse, then ya know it be an evil spirit speaking from our lips. Even them saved in ter tha Son can parrot tha words of tha Father of Lies. What we speak and repeat depends on which voices we be listening ter.

After tha five fasted even more and prayed more, tha three placed thar hands on Barnabas and Saul Paul, blessed ’em and sent them off ter do tha Son’s work.

Think on this a wee little bit: Saul Paul’s first missionary journey doth not spring forth from a planning session, a survey, an examination of tha sort of folks tha pair may encounter, or folks’ needs. No, it be from tha Spirit’s initiative while tha leaders worshipped.

Where Skip leads, he seeds with supplies be fer ya set out (Isaiah 58: 11). Whar man leads, Skip leaves ’em ter thar fruitless deeds.

Fer ya set off on a journey always spend a great deal of time in worship, fasting, and prayer with righteous folk who ‘ave tha ear of Skipper. Ya ‘ill know ya be in such a group if they speak less and listen more, fer in thar listening, they be hearing not jest tha words of man but also discerning if Skipper be affirming such words.

Should Skip command some, ya, others ter go, send ’em out at once. Doth not delay. Doth not seek tha approval of fellers and lasses. Once ya ‘ave yer charge from Skipper, it be yer duty to execute tha task.

Go and do as tha Son did. Go and be obedient ter Skipper’s words.