Thanksgiving and Prayer fer Our Fellow Believers

The Pirate Gospel — Second Thessalonians Chapter One

Thanksgiving and Prayer fer Our Fellow Believers

We ought ter be growin’ in our faith, gainin’ and sharin’ more love, and holdin’ fast even when persecution beats us about. This ought ter be a sign that we be worthy of Skipper’s kingdom. Let us offer thanksgiving and prayer fer our fellow believers in the Son.

When the Last Day comes, when the Son be revealed from the heavens in a fiery blaze, ridin’ alongside his mighty angels, that be the day ye ‘ll find respite from all yer trials and tribulations. The Son, ‘ill meet out justice ter ’em who don’t know Skipper and don’t heed the gospel of the Son. On that day, he ‘ll punish with unceasing destruction, castin’ ’em away from the presence of the Son.

On that very day, he ‘ll be honored and glorified among all devoted crew who ‘ave put thar trust in him.

May ye credited as noble. May ye endeavor ter set yer mind ter carry out ever’ action driven by yer steadfast faith in the Lord. Make it yer task ter glorify the Son in all you do.

2 Thessalonians 1