Be Patient Until Tha Sun Returns

Finding Jesus

Be Patient Until Tha Sun Returns

Count those who have persevered as blessed. – James 5:11 (James 5:11-12)

Be patient until tha Sun returns. Watch how tha farmer waits fer tha land ter yield its valuable crop. Ya be patient, too.

Stand firm.

Doth not grumble.

Be not complaining ‘bout folks.

Be not holding a grudge agin another feller.  If ya do, Skipper i’ll judge ya.

Like tha prophets of old, be patient in tha face of suffering—suffering that be both natural and normal—suffering that comes from doing right by Skipper and his Sun.

Count yerself blessed when ya persevere. Ya ‘ave seen how Skipper finally, after a long time, brought restoration ter Job. Skipper be full of compassion and mercy.

Above all doth not swear. Swearing be contempt fer Skipper and his holiness.

Before Skipper’s message kin liberate folks, his message ‘as ter liberate us. Get free of sin yerself. Then ya kin see how to preach and teach Skipper’s message ter others. A preacher be a feller who ‘as received tha call from Skipper and be determined ter use all his wits and will, strength and gumption ter proclaim Skip’s truth and liberating good news.


Be patient.

Stand firm.

Them three convictions themselves be blessings of a sort that kin bring joy ter a feller.