Kin Anyone Keep These Fellers From Being Baptized With Water? (Acts ???)

Finding Jesus in Baptism

Once while Old Pete be in Caesarea he met with a feller named Cornelius, a centurion with tha Italian Regiment. Cornelius and all his family whar devout and God-fearing folk. Old Pete began ter tell all ’bout his time with tha Son. His account went sumpin like this.

“Skipper anointed his Son with tha Holy Ghost of Truth and with power ter heal all who whar under tha dominion of darkness, which be tha devil’s own port of call. Then Skipper raised up tha Son from Davy Jones.

“Raised him, he did. Only not all seen tha Son but only them who Skip had picked ter see him. Most remained in darkness. A few ate and drank with tha Son in his glorified up-from-tha-grave body. This Son, our savior, Skipper then appointed ter be judge of both tha living and tha dead. Ever one who believes in tha Son receives fergiveness of thar sins.”

Now while Old Pete shared all this, tha Holy Ghost of Truth interrupted his pontificating and fell on all who heard Old Pete’s message.

Right then Old Pete pipes up and says, “Kin anyone keep these fellers from being baptized with water? Why I reckon not!” So Old Pete ordered that all who heard his message and fell under tha power of tha Holy Ghost of Truth be baptized with water in ter tha name of tha Son, Jesus Christ.

And so it whar and so it will be until tha glorious returning of tha Son at tha end of all times.

Cornelius took a great risk in bringing a Jew in ter his home, fer as ya well know, it whar Roman soldiers who drove nails and spikes in ter tha body of tha Son. Old Pete took a great risk in visiting with Cornelius and his family, fer Jews whar ferbidden from being in tha home of “unclean Gentiles.” Only when tha Holy Ghost of Truth comes upon folks all our prejudices fall away, fer we all be made in tha image of Skip and Skip desires that all be saved.

Question be: ‘ave ya repented of yer sins? ‘Ave ya believed in tha Son? ‘Ave ya  in trusted yer life in ter tha Son’s arms? ‘Ave ya been baptized in both water and his Holy Ghost of Truth?

If not, will ya do so ter day? Yer very soul hangs in tha balance.